Advokátní kancelář v Praze 5 se zaměřením na soukromé právo

The Law Office AK POHL was established in 2011 and provides high quality legal services to local and international clients, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs and individual persons to multinational companies. We work for the most of our clients on long-term basis and provide them with full scope of legal services for their businesses.

We always start our advisory with understanding the business needs of our client. We then try to establish the best legal solution which fits the commercial intentions of our client.

Additional features of our services include in particular the following:

  • high level of legal skills
  • prompt response time
  • direct relationship with our clients
  • broad experience in law
  • finding effective solutions in cooperation with other client’s advisors

Mgr. Jakub Pohl

  • Law Faculty of Charles University
  • AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers (since 2011)
  • ČAK / CCBE Committee (Company Law)
  • English
  • German
Former Experience
  • Law Office of JUDr. Veronika Ordnungová
  • Law Office Glatzová&Co.
Foreign Studies
  • Law Faculty of University in Salzburg
  • Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelm University Bonn

JUDr. Halka Pohlová

  • Law Faculty of Charles University
  • Czech Franchising Association (Board of Directors  2014 -2017, Supervisory Board 2017 -2020)
  • German
  • English
Former Experience
  • Law Office Noerr s.r.o.
  • Law Office Rödl & Partner
Foreign Studies
  • Law Faculty of University Hamburg

Máme zkušenosti

Business and Corporate Law

  • Consulting and support with founding, incorporation and transformations of companies and other corporations, including domestic and cross-border M&A transactions,
  • Comprehensive consulting with restructuring of holding groups,
  • Consulting to members of corporate statutory bodies, agenda of liability for damages,
  • Common agenda of business corporations as well as other corporate statutory bodies,
  • Organization of general and membership meetings,
  • Legal consultancy on acquisition of companies (due diligence, drafting acquisition agreements),
  • Sale and lease of business enterprises,
  • Termination of company activities, liquidation of companies,
  • Protection of business firm/ name, protection of business secret.

Civil and Commercial Law

  • Consultancy in all areas of civil and commercial law,
  • Drafting of contracts and unilateral legal acts, revising of contracts,
  • Advising clients in negotiations with business partners,
  • Recovery of debts through civil lawsuits,
  • Consulting and litigating of the agenda of liability for damages,
  • Legal services in matters of personality rights and protection of good name and reputation,
  • Advice in competition law, including antitrust regulations and unfair competition.

Real Estate

  • Comprehensive legal services related to sale, purchase and lease of land, buildings and structures of all kinds, residential and non-residential units and other residential and commercial premises,
  • Legal services in respect of encumbrances, mortgages, liens and easements.
  • Representation in proceedings before cadastral authorities.
  • Escrow of money and documents for settlement of various transactions,
  • Representation in real estate disputes.

Labour Law

  • Drafting of employment contracts, including contracts with managers,
  • Advising on changes and termination of employment contracts,
  • Advising on posting staff,
  • Consulting and preparation of work rules and internal rules and guidelines,
  • Representation in labour disputes.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

  • Complex legal services in insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings,
  • Representation of creditors in the enforcement of their claims through insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings, including among others representation in meetings of creditors’ assemblies or committees and in associated lawsuits regarding the existence, amount and ranking of claims and other bankruptcy issues.


  • Drafting and reviewing of the franchise agreements and related documents,
  • Drafting and reviewing of the master franchise-agreements,
  • Complex legal services for international franchisors in respect of their entrance to the Czech market,
  • Consulting and preparation of the rules for the franchise concepts including the reviewing of the franchise manual,
  • Advice on licensing and trademark matters related to franchising.

Protection of Personal Data

  • Legal assistance with implementation of the GDPR (regulation), including drafting and/or revising of relevant internal regulations,
  • Drafting and revising of contracts on processing personal data.


  • Advising on construction and operation of energy facilities,
  • Preparation of the contractual energy agenda,
  • Representation in administrative proceedings conducted by the Energy Regulatory Office.

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Representation of clients in lawsuits before courts of all levels,
  • Representation of clients in arbitration proceedings,
  • Representation in incidental disputes.